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If you are getting divorced in Thailand as an American then you need to speak to a Thai divorce lawyer for assistance. Americans do understand the concept of a no fault divorce and you can read about it here as well as others issues. These extend to why you should look at defending a divorce if you did not initiate it. You will also need to understand the divorce process in Thailand and why it is important to understand this. Note that there is also the possibility of annulment in Thailand however you will need to take legal advice on this issue.

Marital property in Thailand is not the same as in the West. You will need to see what happens during a divorce and what will happen to property in an annulment in Thailand. If you have a prenuptial agreement then this will also be needed when you file for a divorce or if you are defending the divorce. Speak to GAM Legal Alliance below if you have any questions as this website only covers the very basic of information.

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Child alimony as well as child custody become very complicated and have a paternity test in Thailand today is not that uncommon. Divorce litigation will always be costly and lengthy so take proper advice from the start as errors can become even more costly. Take legal advice from a Thai divorce lawyer and move forward today!

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